Services für Aufsichtsgremien & Finanzexperten GmbH

Who we are

SAFE Services für Aufsichtsgremien & Finanzexperten has been founded in 2012 in the metropolitan Region of Hamburg, and is deeply rooted in the Hanseatic economic area. Our beginnings lay in the qualification & placement of supervisory board members, as well as offering consulting services in audit, risk management & corporate governance. 

From our beginnings we have since combined our experience in these areas with a deep knowledge about technologies, and have e.g. build digital boardrooms or qualified board members on the impact of artificial intelligence. We are also active in matchmaking experts, investors & companies, and understand our role as a facilitator within the former Hanseatic region.


Using our broad network within the Hanseatic economic zone we are facilitating the matchmaking process of companies, investors & other experts.

Board Qualification

We offer ad-hoc consultations to board members and subject matter expertswith regards to  risk management and audit-related topics, as well as impact of technology such as artificial intelligence. 

Placement & Staffing

We have succesfully placed board members, and offer access to a broad network of freelance experts, ranking from tech experts such as AI developpers to audit & risk.